Geoff Farr's GSF Agency

Beginning in the late '70s, Geoff Farr was the Oberheim Electronics sales representative and clinician through whom musicians worldwide became aware of the incredible sound of these unique synthesizers. As a partner in Europa Technologies in the early 80s, Farr continued to bring groundbreaking electronic musical intruments to American players: notably, the PPG synthesizer from Germany, and the amazing Brit-import OScar synth. Europa remained a major player in the musical instrument business until its closure in the mid '80s.

The GSF Agency cranked up in the first part of this decade, initially providing exclusive distribution of the Waldorf Wave, and then transitioning into opening up the American market for the then-unknown Access Virus synth line. Now, GSF Agency represents Tom Oberheim, Knifonium and Acustica Audio.

GSF Agency continues to bring the best of the planet's music-making machinery to the best of the planet's musicians.

Contact GSF: 310-995-0100 or via email: geoff (at) gsfagency (dot) com